Welcome to Glenn Younger / Waymakers Academy

Individually we can be strong. Together we are a FORCE for the highest good of all.

Ready to do some Lightwork together?

Change isn't always easy, even for the best of us. There's a lot of fear... misinformation... and economic shenanigans going on behind the scenes these days. That's why, for many, it's downright H A R D.

What's a LightWorker to do? Get to work in new ways to meet the new challenges humanity is facing right now, that's what.


If you're wanting to let your Light count in a big way, then please join a select group of LightWorkers in a weekly Light Circle

  • Sending Light for individuals, the earth, our social structures and public health systems

    As you know... when you send vibrations of Divine Light for transformation into illumination for someone else, you also benefit personally. It's a win-win all around.

    In sharing together about 40 minutes a week of our time and spiritual talents in a mega-focused Light Circle, we can make a positive impact like never before! Plus, it’s a powerful way to amplify the fulfillment of your Divine purpose. 

    Keep your weekly session's energy active and join the conversations within our community of like-minded individuals ready to share, engage, and grow!

Thursdays - Radiant Health Light Circle meets at:

9:00 P.M. Rome

3:00 P.M. New York/Miami

2:00 P.M. Houston

12:00 P.M. Los Angeles

9:00 A.M. Hawaii

Divine Soul Mission Roadmap

Enjoy a 5-step journey that will help you: 

  1. Activate your awareness to your inner alchemist. 
  2. Transform your worldview paradigm.
  3. Hone in on your individual divine mission and how to assist human kind. 
  4. Understand how sacred geometry assists in your meditation practice. 
  5. Live your light with clarity, courage and emotional freedom!
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