Starseeds & LightWorkers, welcome home to the LOVE of you!

"Individually we can be strong. Together we are a FORCE for the highest good of all." Glenn Younger

How would you like to help humankind AND yourself go to deeper levels of Unconditional Love than ever before? 

We're in a great time of change. Transitions aren't always easy, even for the best of us. There's a lot of fear... misinformation... and economic shenanigans going on behind the scenes in humanity these days. That's why, for many, it's downright H A R D to shift the narrative into one that's in alignment with our deepest Truth of Infinite Unconditional Love.

Yet here we are. On Earth. With our individual callings to help uplift humanity with our own special talents and abilities. Manifesting in the human soup of it all. Trying to help others while we're still growing, too.

What's a Starseed and LightWorker to do? Get to work in new ways to meet the new challenges humanity is facing right now. TOGETHER.


If you feel the call to let your Light count in a big way... then please join a select group of LightWorkers in a weekly Light Circle.

As you know... when you send vibrations of Divine Light for transformation into illumination for someone else, you also benefit personally. It's a win-win all around.

In sharing together about 60 minutes a week of our time and spiritual talents in a mega-focused Light Circle, we're making a positive impact like never before! Plus, the individual growth for you as a participant is a powerful way to clarify and amplify the fulfillment of your Divine purpose. 

Keep the juices flowing and active from your weekly meet up by joining the conversations within our community of like-minded individuals. We're all ready to share, engage, and grow!

Testimonials from fellow WayMakers

"I‘ve been participating in the Light Circles for about three years now. When I started it was with hope that I could connect more to who I am and to finding a community. Where I am now has by far exceeded my imagination. It is the most wondrous and wonderful journey and I have made great friends on the way.”  —Salome Schori - Switzerland (individual mentoring and Light Circles)

"I never thought I could be as happy and live with the level of inner peace that I now live with everyday. On top of that, I also discovered an inner knowing that guides me everyday. Thanks to Glenn, I was able to transition out of social anxiety, depression, stress, excessive worrying, limiting beliefs about myself and the world around me. My capacity, engagement and level of joy at work has increased beyond what I could ever dream of."  —Ragnar Kalland - Norway  (individual mentoring and Light Circles)

"I got so much more than I came for. [Glenn] was able to connect the dots for me about issues and blockages I had for years. Her calm, wise, and loving guidance brought so much clarity to me. Her ability to connect me towards my Whole Self was out of this world and I feel more clearer now than in a long time..." —Matthias Van Landeghem - Belgium, now in Mexico (individual mentoring)

Meet Glenn Younger

"Intellectual knowledge only counts on written exams. You've got to experience it to know it."

Writer. Mentor. An experienced traveler in multi-dimensional consciousness with 35+ years of earning a bonafide PhD in Trial and Error while studying with Jim Goure (Light Center), Katherine Jarvis (Kabbalah), Drunvalo Melchizedek (MerKaBa and Earth/Wind/Fire), as well as various teachers of Tai Chi, Reiki, the Kybalian, Christian Bible, and other ancient texts.

"We're all Divine Souls having human experiences. I'm here to assist humanity in remembering our Divine Soul knowing and to live the cosmic consciousness of infinite Unconditional Love moving from our center-most-center outwards into the world. No more waiting for others to validate our self worth, especially from those whose judgments spring from their own limiting narrative of fear and loneliness. As a Starseed who remembers where I came from and why I even agreed to live in the density of this Earth experience, I'm able to distill the esoteric into something practical and concrete. Are you ready to live with clarity of purpose and the emotional freedom necessary to shine your Light like you were born to do? Yes, even at the grocery store. If so, let's get your party going!"

Choose a Light Circle that's right for you.

Tuesdays - Cosmic Contact Through Consciousness Light Circle. 

We use the vibrations of Infinite Omniscient Unconditional Love to expand humanity's consciousness as well as our own. This Circle adds to Thursday's Light Circle by working with our origin Soul Families and other non-human sentient species.  Not only does it open up your own memory banks from before you came into this Earth incarnation, we build bridges of understanding between humankind and our NHI (Non-Human Intelligence) neighbors.

Meets at:

9:00 P.M. Rome

3:00 P.M. New York/Miami

2:00 P.M. Houston

12:00 P.M. Los Angeles

9:00 A.M. Hawaii

Thursdays - Cosmic Consciousness Light Circle.

Expand your own consciousness and assist humankind's ascension into more profound levels of Infinite Omniscient Unconditional Love. If you have the time and inclination, feel free to participate in both Light Circles. Check out the bundle package below.

Meets at:

9:00 P.M. Rome

3:00 P.M. New York/Miami

2:00 P.M. Houston

12:00 P.M. Los Angeles

9:00 A.M. Hawaii

Additional Juicy Resources

Once you're inside Waymakers Academy, you find lots of juicy resources in addition to the Light Circles...  
  • Divine Soul Mission Roadmap, a 5 step video journey to help you know the path to deeper clarity and understanding of how to best use the transformation vibrations of infinite Unconditional Love. 
  • Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation V2.0 with a mini-course to maximize results.
  • Meet the Infinite You online course with exercises for changing the old narrative of your Inner Critic and coming back home to your Divine Soul knowing.  
  • 1-on-1 mentoring with Glenn. (Look in the menu options once you're inside.)
  • The chance to chat with LightWorkers of different disciplines and ask for assistance during times of transition. Together, we've transmitted Light for radiant health, prosperity, evolution in relationships, work changes, home Soul memories, and more.
  • You can even text directly with Glenn. Look for her under the "Members" section.

 Ready to take your life and LightWork to the next level? 

Choose your plan and then say, "Helloooooooo!" to your new friends and fellow travelers inside Waymakers Academy.